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How do people say they enjoy coffee so much?
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FluorescentVoid287/31 9:07AM
I'm in a s*** mood today, and I don't even know why.ZiggiStardust57/31 9:06AM
Playstation wants us to pay for a beta...ZiggiStardust97/31 9:06AM
Dammit, I lost my shades AND my glasses at the beach today. >:(T0ffee67/31 8:58AM
I'm really not trying to sound like a tinfoil hat guy here but hear me out
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FatalAccident247/31 8:57AM
Suddenly, a puppySt_Kevin27/31 8:56AM
Considering selling my N64... I never play it and it just sits in a box.
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CubeTV237/31 8:53AM
Favorite Zelda (Poll)
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yourDaddie117/31 8:53AM
How long do you guys go without shaving?
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Geloigen337/31 8:53AM
Yay, I'm moving out in September!Dynalo77/31 8:51AM
A guitar player recreates that Japanese politician's crying perfectlyBotnus91227/31 8:50AM
What kind of Gamer are you? (Poll)yourDaddie47/31 8:48AM
Which foods are considered 'aquired taste'
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yourDaddie137/31 8:46AM
Just scored a minifridge for $15.43BNVshark12317/31 8:42AM
Steve Wilkos is the biggest piece of s*** talk-show host ever.
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Ferarri619137/31 8:40AM
My cat is 1/8 my size. He's a monster
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Doctor Foxx387/31 8:36AM
Japanese schoolgirl otaku arrested for dismembering/killing her classmate.Ferarri61987/31 8:36AM
Can anyone rec me a nice telescope?
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bluPython137/31 8:35AM
It feels like Friday. It should be Friday.RCtheWSBC77/31 8:31AM
You choose next marvel movie team up
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blackhrt227/31 8:31AM