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C/D: TK and time stoping/slow_down are the best powers to have IRLdavf13528/27 7:17AM
It's good to see people finally embracing downloads...because lol physical mediaZiggiStardust68/27 7:16AM
Unless you don't have a credit card, there is no point in ever going to GameStopShanty_Irishman28/27 7:16AM
I can't believe that I actually had to vote for GameStop.
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SunWuKung420118/27 7:15AM
What's your favorite Ys game? (Poll)
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Raganork10158/27 7:15AM
Has a Let's Play ever convinced you to buy a game? (Poll)
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T-dus248/27 7:13AM
Lo dejaria todo porque se quedaranViking_Mudcrap98/27 7:10AM
Should I buy this N64?SILENTGHOSTS9698/27 7:08AM
How long sites it take for drugs to get into your system?
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__Muscles__138/27 7:06AM
Forcing Beliefs (Poll)Q_Sensei68/27 7:06AM
Have you ever eaten at Tim Hortons? (Poll)
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Storrac448/27 7:05AM
How do I find all of the laws.ImmortalityV48/27 7:03AM
Calories and Exercise tracking topic
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Mr_melodramatic198/27 6:59AM
So tired of people using this site as their personal blog.
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Lobomoon388/27 6:59AM
This 19 y/o Girl is a Feminist, a Social Justice Warrior and Fat! Is she Hot? (Poll)
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Full Throttle308/27 6:57AM
Scenario: You're supposed to go on a trip with 3 friends and 1 bails last-minute
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GameCuber18178/27 6:38AM
My first class starts in 15 minutesMr_melodramatic18/27 6:31AM
Anyone know who this horror villain is?urmomishawt0448/27 6:31AM
I'm pretty convinced that college is just a racket for the textbook industry.
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GameGuy777138/27 6:25AM
Is it okay to believe that Homosexuality is wrong? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei328/27 6:16AM