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Should I grab Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z for PS3? Cheap price from UK, but shipping.. (Poll)DeltaBladeX43/4 3:59PM
Why did Gandalf want to bring Bilbo in the first place?
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Captain-Trips153/4 3:55PM
This song made my dayJudgmenl13/4 3:53PM
Ellis from Die Hard 1 could've pointed out Holly was McClane's wife.Metro243/4 3:50PM
Waifu Battle 2015 Match 4: Touka Kirishima vs Bayonetta (Poll)GanonsSpirit103/4 3:48PM
Man, "It follows" is one of the best horror movies I've seen in agesTutoria63/4 3:40PM
how are we defining what men and women are?
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Botnus912293/4 3:25PM
I'm replaying Final Fantasy VI: Part 3.. Yes, 3. :P
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Melon_Master373/4 3:22PM
Metal Gear Solid Five releases September 1stquigonzel93/4 3:18PM
I have Mobile Suit Gundam on DVDASlaveObeys53/4 3:09PM
MGS5 has a Sept 1 release date.
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Tarrun233/4 2:55PM
Hmm... I gots a lump on me daddybags.
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Arctic_Sunrise403/4 2:54PM
Metal Gear Solid V coming out September 1st.Storrac33/4 2:52PM
Weasel photographed riding on a woodpecker's backaHappySacka73/4 2:52PM
Big Metal Gear Solid V announcement coming Wednesday.
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Storrac223/4 2:50PM
Metal Gear Solid V coming out September 1styourDaddie33/4 2:45PM
found some old commercials where Chef Boyardee Was Marketed at adults
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NightMareBunny113/4 2:42PM
With every passing day I realize how fortunate I am to NOT be in the dating pool
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kmerchandise213/4 2:35PM
Which is the first Pokemon? (Poll)MordantHubris103/4 2:23PM
I have questions for all of you.
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WadaTah243/4 2:20PM