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What's worse, Texas or the rest of the deep south? (Poll)
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God dammit Game of Thrones (spoilers!)papercup95/4 9:59AM
Karin the Gaming Gnome gives Canadian Feng Shui AdviceLokarin15/4 9:56AM
When playing stealth games, what do you do when you're seen or killed someone? (Poll)InfestedAdam75/4 9:52AM
What does Bethesda mean when they say developers get 25% as industry standard?
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DarkKirby2500125/4 9:49AM
You are selected by NASA to be the first person to land on the SunTheWorstPoster35/4 9:44AM
have you ever kissed your sibling(s) on the mouth? (Poll)
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Anime,Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic XLVI
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Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 422 Sora (Kingdom Hearts) (Poll)
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Rate this Villain Day 420 Recoome (DBZ) (Poll)
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You have one or more unread System Notifications.TheWorstPoster95/4 9:20AM
An infinite number of moneys, all at computers for an infinite amount of timeTheWorstPoster85/4 9:15AM
What's the name of your porn folder?
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Metro2475/4 9:13AM
These new Twenty One Pilots singles are pretty damn good.kratosdakota385/4 9:01AM
I don't give a s*** about trophies but I want to platinum Demon's Souls.Zareth85/4 9:00AM
my friend called me "reffle-mcderpster" yesterday.
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ZiggiStardust145/4 8:26AM
So Nintendo accidentally created PlayStation, and PlayStation accidentally...
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-Komaiko54M125/4 8:17AM
Sexy people making ugly and fat people feel bad about themselvesMetal_Gear_Link45/4 8:15AM
If something is not working, then it's not in Good or Very Good or Like NewArtistScientist35/4 8:11AM
Who are Mayweather and Pacquiao and why should I care?
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papercup115/4 8:08AM