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So I'm having a great f****** day
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kriemhilde00169/18 11:11AM
Currently drinking surge.twa55689/18 11:09AM
Zoe Quinn wrote an article for Cracked today
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Could it be child abuse if you force your kids to workout?Metal_Gear_Link79/18 11:06AM
How many hours do you play video games a day? (Poll)
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omelette du fromage
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What was that site you used to get a lot of cheap psp / ds parts on?Judgmenl59/18 11:04AM
So, Scotland people - how did you vote? (Poll)
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TerrisUS329/18 11:00AM
So nearly 100% of people pick their nose, do you? (Poll)
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So, I'm officially stuck in Lightning Returns (Spoilers).Mehere29/18 10:59AM
i wish that we could all just merge into one genderless, monochromatic species.
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SchmensWife419/18 10:57AM
So, how many "Ones" do we have here on potd?SchmensWife79/18 10:57AM
Attn: People who walk their dogs and don't pick up their poop off my front lawnRaganork1099/18 10:53AM
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?VioletZer089/18 10:52AM
IMPORTANT POLL: For $10,000, would you eat 2tbps of your own poop? (Poll)RoboT_Ripper109/18 10:49AM
What comes to mind when you hear 'Big Red'? (Poll)
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brisashi239/18 10:42AM
If Sony had a video game mascot, who would it be? (Poll)
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Was there ever a mating season episode of Spongebob? If not, why not?Creepyposter79/18 10:39AM