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So Nintendo accidentally created PlayStation, and PlayStation accidentally...-Komaiko54M95/3 11:22PM
My Tera Online character is really cute.
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Milleyd665/3 11:18PM
These new Twenty One Pilots singles are pretty damn good.kratosdakota345/3 11:09PM
God dammit Game of Thrones (spoilers!)papercup55/3 11:07PM
Official Animal Crossing for the 3DS, FC Sharing Topic Part Eighteen for Drek!
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Melon_Master1195/3 11:06PM
Do you know who Mike Jones is? (Poll)
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Action53225/3 11:04PM
DeltaBladeX giveaways - 15 copies of Out There Somewhere
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DeltaBladeX295/3 10:52PM
I made a Demon Hunter this weekend and got her Torment 6 ready...Milleyd45/3 10:48PM
rate my comic purchase from todayMuscles75/3 10:46PM
I think I want to be a managerAwesomeTurtwig45/3 10:42PM
New Contest: Guess what are the 2 games I boughtRayKnight65/3 10:32PM
What do you guys think of God of War: Ascension?EclairReturns95/3 10:18PM
Horror movies make me feel physically ill.ArtistScientist85/3 9:35PM
PayPal and eBay are splitting.rexcrk35/3 9:30PM
So...Oklahoma City. How's the violence?ArtistScientist35/3 9:29PM
I have waaay more cloud storage space than I know what to do with.Metro245/3 9:26PM
The best part of this season of Game of Thrones is... *Spoilers*GanonsSpirit105/3 9:18PM
Should a male who has failed the physical requirements be allowed to be...Lokarin45/3 9:18PM
Stephen Bean topic Series 2 Episode 3, In Harm's Way.
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Kimbos_Egg2745/3 9:01PM
I saw Avengers age of ultron.jamieyello335/3 9:00PM