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Trying to set up a SSB3DS tourny.
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chaosbowser3010/25 9:01PM
Which search engine do you use for porn? (Poll)
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thedeerzord4810/25 8:58PM
I drank wayyyy too much tonight. -____- On the plus side, there was singing..Melon_Master410/25 8:58PM
Would prohibition cause crime if it was reinstated? (Poll)Q_Sensei610/25 8:57PM
Do people at your school dress up for classes on Halloween?AwesomeTurtwig510/25 8:54PM
Playstation Move Heroes is the biggest c***tease of a game ever.raymanfan1210/25 8:51PM
After a one nighter with a chick on Tinder I've got a real date tonight.Chef_Excellence310/25 8:44PM
What's with girls and digging their nails in your back?kratosdakota3810/25 8:42PM
ATTN: Shark
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chaosbowser1810/25 8:34PM
how many humans could beat a Yautja(predator) or a Xenomorph(alien)
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Metal_Gear_Link2210/25 8:29PM
Wrex is a pretty cool dudeDmess85210/25 8:29PM
Why is "motherf***er" such a common/powerful swear word?
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keyblader19851310/25 8:15PM
What is your current phone? (Poll)
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Ogurisama2610/25 8:15PM
thanks to ddespondentdeity, this the first time I'm...AllstarSniper32310/25 8:11PM
So I got my ps3 and..SILENTGHOSTS96110/25 8:10PM
Rate the intro Vol 56 Devil May Cry 4 (X360/PS3) (Poll)Blaqthourne810/25 8:08PM
Are you a good troll or a bad troll? (Poll)knightoffire55710/25 8:05PM
How about some randomnauts tonight?AllstarSniper32110/25 8:05PM
Do you think Norbit inspired Jack and Jill?knightoffire55110/25 7:51PM
British gamers. I have some news you may want to know about.UraRenge2005310/25 7:44PM