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Still new to Gears of war. I love the digger for MPBushidoEffect357/23 3:32AM
I want to try playing Hey You Pikachu while inebriatedfaramir7727/23 3:29AM
Is this a real thing oh my godLootman77/23 3:28AM
So Sweet Creep 4 u closed his account?FatalAccident17/23 3:27AM
"CJ you sounding more and more like a snee-eye-itch everyday"
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FatalAccident197/23 3:26AM
Anyone interested in a diablo 2 run? Possibly starting this weekend?
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Kimbos_Egg417/23 3:23AM
I haven't accomplished anything in my life. I'm such a loser...LeetCheet87/23 3:18AM
I actually miss that SweetCreep guy.
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DumbGimmickName257/23 3:15AM
Teen Girl is Furious someone made a Facebook Group of 530 Fatties In California!
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Full Throttle167/23 2:59AM
omg destiny is just another generic fpsRetroxgamer067/23 2:52AM
sunovaf**** destiny is fun
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helIy117/23 2:43AM
You know what's stupid? Yoshi's Island SNES has never been rereleased/portedraymanfan147/23 2:41AM
When does the Suspension moderation get removed from your moderation history?Full Throttle37/23 2:40AM
Finding new cool nerd friends is the best thing ever.ESMWjot17/23 2:36AM
Alabama Teen is attacked over this Selfie she took in Germany!! Is it Offensive? (Poll)
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Full Throttle377/23 2:34AM
Girls with tattoos and piercings (Poll)mayu780107/23 2:32AM
Public Anger in Florida! Fitness Trainer and Waitress have Sex at the Beach!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle277/23 2:28AM
Ever had a teacher/prof who never gave A's? (Poll)
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raymanfan1157/23 2:28AM
How well do you think ICO has aged?
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raymanfan1117/23 2:24AM
I wish there was an option on Facebook to filter out the religious crap
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faramir77237/23 2:21AM