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Ugh potd I just built like the sexiest computer ever but I cant boot it up
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TwyliteSprinkle1812/19 2:05PM
Obama says it was a mistake for Sony to cancel the Interview
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Metro21512/19 2:04PM
Sony hack confirmed to be from North Koreanewsuperdude612/19 2:04PM
C/D A woman is comparatively more experienced after having a black boyfriend (Poll)aznStaRBoY112/19 2:04PM
I'm not "scared of girls"...Solid Sonic112/19 2:04PM
Best Gen Y era US president (Poll)
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kratospwnsnoobz1212/19 2:03PM
I wish I could play every game on my Wii U gamepadMICHALECOLE212/19 2:01PM
Sarca, are you online?DeltaBladeX512/19 1:58PM
The Cartoon and Animation board is going crazy right now because of Korra finaleStorrac1012/19 1:56PM
Stephen Bean topic Series 2, Episode 1. All that Remains.
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Kimbos_Egg41112/19 1:53PM
Playing Phoenix Wright for the first time *maybe SPOILERS*SkaFrost89112/19 1:52PM
What is the balance of power between men and women (Poll)aznStaRBoY212/19 1:52PM
S***! I was clearing out my iPhone's contacts and accidentally hit FaceTime
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Melon_Master1212/19 1:51PM
Final FantasiesTerrisUS1012/19 1:48PM
I'm afraid of sliding down the frets with my left hand ;_;Milleyd812/19 1:48PM
Will you circumcise your child or no?
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elg3cko6612/19 1:46PM
Return of the Geek
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The Wave Master18112/19 1:46PM
this picture describes Sony perfectly right nowSHADOW0106212/19 1:43PM
Hey UbisoftWindMouseHanpan512/19 1:42PM
I just realized that David Tennant was in The Goblet of Fire.SunWuKung420212/19 1:40PM