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I own Fallout 3. Should I play it or play something newer/better? (Poll)metalconkerrr211/20 3:05PM
The Lord of the RIngs is the best book ever. Do you agree?
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The_Sexorcist2911/20 3:03PM
OK this was hilarious:
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saspa1211/20 3:02PM
GameTok with Lok: What do you want from Sonic?
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Lokarin1611/20 3:02PM
Why does the US have so many school shootings?
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Metro22311/20 3:01PM
3 grandmother's smoke marijuana for the first time.
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supergamer191111/20 2:58PM
I've decided to live for Avengers 3
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Zikten1611/20 2:57PM
I would pork Mindy Kaling.
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ArctheLad132811/20 2:57PM
I honestly think we should get rid of race / gender stereotyping.Judgmenl811/20 2:57PM
Do you think Violent and Sexually Explicit video games reflect on you? (Poll)Q_Sensei411/20 2:55PM
Don't ever talk to a girl who says she just has a friend.knightoffire55511/20 2:54PM
Would you buy DLC for an old game? (Poll)Q_Sensei811/20 2:52PM
Why did no one tell me Parks and Recs was literally the best show
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frybrain00941311/20 2:50PM
I think the dumbest internet community in the world is hands down imgur
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AwesomeTurtwig3711/20 2:49PM
LOL... This Girl Told Me Her Friend Was Visiting And I Didn't Get ItaDirtyShisno811/20 2:49PM
New Godzilla PS3 trailer from Bandai-Namco Japan.Ferarri619611/20 2:48PM
Metro 2033 for anybody who didn't get it free.Gamechamp3k111/20 2:46PM
Shooting at Florida State?Mr_melodramatic1011/20 2:45PM