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Oh, so they're trying to outlaw ammunition now?
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NeoSioType412/26 3:12PM
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Whats your favorite wine brand?
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The Completionist pulls a GameGrumps/JonTron, Greg Wilmot is leaving.
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raymanfan1142/26 2:59PM
Would you rather have $1/day doubled for 30 days or the net worth of Roackafelle (Poll)
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blutoblutarskyX132/26 2:58PM
Why don't companies that produce poptarts and starbursts go halal?
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JanwayDaahl162/26 2:57PM
So what, what is net neutrality???RebeccDOS62/26 2:56PM
I've been working outside in -20 to -25 this week.supergamer1972/26 2:55PM