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Would you rather date (long relationship) a really hot girl or a just-cute one?
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davf1352011/21 5:06PM
This 18 y/o Kid raped his 5 y/o female relative and gave her Chlamydia!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle2511/21 5:05PM
Wow, Smash Wii U's online is even worse than Brawl's...
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ESP Samus1911/21 4:53PM
i would pork michelle obamahelIy611/21 4:47PM
New midnite music topic
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acesxhigh2411/21 4:40PM
Oh hey, Obama is in my city speaking todayMasterSword546711/21 4:38PM
The Official PotD Pokemon ORAS Friend Code Exchange and Battle/Trade Topic! I
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KroganBaIIEater1711/21 4:37PM
I wanna know what love isKanakiri511/21 4:31PM
I don't believe Bill Cosby raped anyoneErik_P711/21 4:27PM
Pokemon's timelines confuse meWhatPoll411/21 4:25PM
Huh you don't like girls?Chef_Excellence411/21 4:17PM
Just bought omega rubygreen dragon311/21 4:14PM
Streaming Smash!Gamechamp3k411/21 4:12PM
Michael Phelps is apparently dating a 41 year old intersex person.Chef_Excellence411/21 4:03PM
Man winter break is going to be glorious. 6 day workout week for 3 weeks.Sirkukukingz5311/21 4:03PM
I would pork Rebel Wilson.OmegaM411/21 3:58PM
Obama is trolling the republicans so hard.
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CiIantro1811/21 3:48PM
I drew the FNaF cast ^____^ (Poll)Ao_Ryuu54911/21 3:45PM
i have completely ruined my ffx save.
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helIy1511/21 3:44PM
I honestly wasn't expecting that to get deleted. (Closed)
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Kanakiri10511/21 3:41PM