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I never really understood why superheroes didn't kill more baddies...
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Arctic_Sunrise457/26 6:43PM
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Have you watched the Tour de France at all this year? (Poll)Dmess85107/26 6:36PM
Season 7 of Supernatural really does suck.twa55687/26 6:23PM
Nintendo is streaming smash bros from comic con
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sin1ster157/26 6:23PM
AMA: Installing Destiny Beta on my PS3.SunWuKung42077/26 6:06PM
Always vote for Nicolas Cage (Poll)knightoffire5537/26 6:02PM
This is the 22 y/o American Florida Dropout who turned into a terrorist...Full Throttle37/26 5:55PM
anyone a fan of hell on wheels?SILENTGHOSTS9627/26 5:53PM
The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
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WastelandCowboy127/26 5:45PM
Does anyone know a cartoon about three cute girls who are park rangers?Creepyposter107/26 5:45PM
**** I've started biting my lip. Now I can't stop.Judgmenl57/26 5:36PM
Is this car deal worth it? Help moiJunpeiclover67/26 5:31PM
I just started watching Breaking Bad for the first time
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sin1ster267/26 5:30PM
Should I get into Trigun?
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Dmess85117/26 5:27PM
Should I keep both Pokemon X & Y, or sell one?keyblader198577/26 5:24PM
Jaina says: YOU ASKED FOR ITmetalconkerrr37/26 4:55PM
"People in Africa have it worse" (Poll)
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Gimpt3617/26 4:45PM
Would you adopt this cat?MrArmageddon837/26 4:21PM
Adventure Time was renewed for another season!
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Mr_melodramatic157/26 4:13PM