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Suppose you were fighting this guyTheWorstPoster24/16 7:00PM
Any PotDers have a screen name that you really like?
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quigonzel344/16 6:51PM
Are there any good SRPGs for the GB/GBC?lihlih24/16 6:45PM
You win an all expenses paid trip to Mogadishu, Somalia
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TheWorstPoster154/16 6:39PM
My experience in Rust summarizedjamieyello324/16 6:22PM
Composer is the one who writes the lyrics or make the rhythm?The_Sexorcist44/16 6:13PM
And if you move real slow, I'll let it go...Lobomoon14/16 6:12PM
This 35 y/o Mom played NAKED Twister with her Daughter's Friends and had Sex!!.. (Poll)
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Battle Geek
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The Wave Master744/16 6:09PM
Does anyone know the name of this meme?Action5384/16 6:07PM
Should the board 'Poll of the Day' have a user level requirement to stop trolls?McSame_as_Bush84/16 6:02PM
what was the last nice thing that you bought for your mom?Botnus91254/16 5:59PM
Should I text her? (Poll)DarknessLink734/16 5:56PM
Can you help me with my African American studies homework? (Poll)gokustheman334524/16 5:47PM
This 16 y/o Girl Cried Her Eyes out for Killing her 3 Friends in a Car Crash!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle34/16 5:36PM
You know, I just don't like Markiplier (Poll)
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HenryKissiger114/16 5:31PM
Whenever you gain an independent thought, the world panics in terrorTheWorstPoster24/16 5:26PM
Poll options are poorly designeduberkelium64/16 5:26PM
This Woman's Husband Died...So she hired STRIPPERS for his Funeral!!.. (Poll)
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It's kind of sad how often the hoi polloi support terrible tv shows, games, and
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JanwayDaahl564/16 5:21PM