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Marvel Cinematic Universe vs. DC Cinematic Universe (Poll)
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Scorpion is turning to be an amazing show.
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Judgmenl1210/29 10:29AM
Rate this Villain Day 256 Viktor (Poll)scubasteve42710/29 10:17AM
DC is full of the rudest people in the world.
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BeerOnTap2610/29 10:16AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 258 Selene (Poll)scubasteve42610/29 10:10AM
Why does Dracula's castle in near disrepair in the early Castlevania gamesWhatPoll1010/29 10:07AM
i make a hideous transgender.ZiggiStardust1010/29 9:53AM
Would $ 600 be an OK price for 9 gen consoles for you? (Poll)
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kratospwnsnoobz2810/29 9:45AM
White house network breached by hackers. the WHITE HOUSE. hah! ^_^Ryan-061010/29 9:35AM
Today is National Cat DayDoctor Foxx810/29 9:26AM
Today's Poll: Wednesday 2014/10/29 (Closed)ObligatoryFate210/29 9:21AM
my local dominos is really annoyingFatalAccident210/29 9:08AM
Your parents ever try to trick you into eating things you don't like/want to?
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OmniImmortal2510/29 9:00AM
Dancing is illegal in Japan...?Jvaas610/29 8:51AM
Games like zombies ate my neighbors for iOS?fuzzyman510/29 8:45AM
The best 90s cartoon you've never seenMetro2210/29 8:18AM
I've been having very odd, very vivid dreams lately, almost every night...Kanakiri410/29 8:09AM
The game designer toils endlessly to complete his creation.Zareth210/29 8:04AM
I just watched "Videogame The Movie" on Netflixernieforss510/29 7:59AM
JonTron does Are You Afraid of the Dark?papercup110/29 7:23AM