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Just finished Season 2 of Twin Peaks *May contain SPOILERS*RayKnight25/24 5:01PM
Does anyone use the 'pinch zoom' function on their laptop?Krayzie425/24 4:59PM
"Everything is sexy, everything is sweet......."weekoldhotdog25/24 4:58PM
What song do you have stuck in your head right now?
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Person4245/24 4:58PM
awwww s***, potd! beer store had one of my favorite beers in stock! (Closed)ZiggiStardust85/24 4:56PM
Men playing as women in games is always a fun topic, but what about species? (Poll)
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Blighboy315/24 4:50PM
That was the best episode of Orphan Black yet.Judgmenl15/24 4:42PM
Los Angeles To Have $15 Minimum Wage In 2020!
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aDirtyShisno335/24 4:38PM
I've Played Video Games for up to Three Hours Without Restgguirao95/24 4:27PM
Apparently Amazon develops games I want and I had no clue Amazon developed them.ArtistScientist45/24 4:05PM
Gang member girl burned alive in Guatemala by mob (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link185/24 3:58PM
I make a living through a government grant to look for space aliens. AMA.
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ArtistScientist245/24 3:56PM
71 rioters arrested in Cleveland last night.
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SmokeMassTree125/24 3:55PM
I tried watching Steven Universe but........
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S_Fox125/24 3:48PM
Remembering fallen soldiers by watching "Predator" on BluRay today...
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quigonzel155/24 3:24PM
why do people think 99.9% of people who use Voice chat will scream in your ear?
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NightMareBunny165/24 2:58PM
Hottest Spin Fighter Day 27: T. Megazord / White Ranger / Kimberly / Chun-Li (Poll)Ugly Joe75/24 2:43PM
So Ireland is more progressive than California
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Chef_Excellence125/24 2:34PM
I kinda want da sex with a really mucular girl
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Lokarin465/24 2:32PM
I made a video guys, come and watch, It's amazing - IGNAwesomeTurtwig25/24 2:29PM