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Is this where you post for help?
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AlteredBeast148/19 10:02AM
I Love Rock LeeMetal_Gear_Link48/19 9:43AM
C/D RPGS are the best genere
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Metal_Gear_Link158/19 9:39AM
I have a really big intereview today.Viking_Mudcrap98/19 9:27AM
What is the name of the supermarket or grocery store that you shop at the most?
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WastelandCowboy438/19 9:21AM
Something upsetting happened today. Dead animal warning.
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Doctor Foxx238/19 9:15AM
Sexy Suit Samus announced for Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS!
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Storrac288/19 9:00AM
Wow those protesters are getting hit with stun grenades and tear gas right now!
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GFqsGangster258/19 8:24AM
Rising junior in college yet i never got drunk ;_;Junpeiclover98/19 7:47AM
I prefer complex storiesMetal_Gear_Link28/19 7:46AM
If blizzard makes an elder scroll-ish game will you buy it?
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TidusFan77128/19 7:36AM
who had the best verse on lil wayne's "Intro/Interlude/Outro"?ESMWjot18/19 7:32AM
Is this racist?ZiggiStardust48/19 7:20AM
Halo 2 Bonded Pair SkullObligatoryFate38/19 7:10AM
Who's going to hell tomorrow???
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ZiggiStardust288/19 7:01AM
tmnt should have been directed by christopher nolanKingmichael133758/19 6:57AM
Which one of these rappers is the real OG? (Poll)
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MrArmageddon8158/19 6:54AM
current brand of smartphone I should get, that's neither samsung nor applelaery88108/19 6:47AM
It's almost unreal. I'm leaving home in 3 days.BNVshark12388/19 6:47AM
A is for apple, J is for JacksMiroku_of_Nite178/19 6:34AM