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Sony PSN Question......FadetooBlack312/25 7:48AM
Interstellar: Love it, Hate It? (Poll)
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post an image of a cartoon character and I'll attempt to draw it with a santahat
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Merry Christmas PotDWastelandCowboy512/25 6:50AM
Did you know that Starbucks, 7-11, Restaurants and Theatres open on Christmas?? (Poll)
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Typical Christmas morningJudgmenl512/25 6:20AM
today's the 25thThePollGuy54712/25 6:13AM
i just wanna take a minute to wish...Lemur_Says512/25 5:38AM
What is your favoriteTV show/Cartoon Christmas special?ThePollGuy54412/25 5:30AM
Well, here is what I got todayWhatPoll512/25 5:13AM
my mother got my brother an HD tv.ThePollGuy54512/25 4:33AM
What does "plox" mean?
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McSame_as_Bush1312/25 4:21AM
pamela from ernest saves christmasLemur_Says212/25 3:45AM
Should Dark Souls have a hardcore mode? (Poll)knightoffire55712/25 2:56AM
How is the weather outside where you live right now:Nikra212/25 2:55AM
Horoscopes for December 22-28. Interesting stuff heh. Seems true to me.AC_Dragonfire312/25 2:42AM
You all get a special present this year. I'm back from warned status.Troll_Police_912/25 1:51AM
16 years from today, I woke my family up at 12 AM to open presents
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Junpeiclover1312/25 1:49AM
are you more matured than the above poster?
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mayu7801312/25 1:39AM
holy crap, i didn't even realize it was pippin that sang the last goodbyeNade Duck312/25 1:25AM