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I've worked as a history teacher apprentice last week AMA
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Looking at getting a few more 3DS games while you still get CN coins, opinions?
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Melon_Master302/28 12:04PM
Duck Dynasty Star gets Standing Ovation for saying Hippies cause STD's!!. (Poll)Full Throttle42/28 11:52AM
I just had that huge epiphany guys. (Closed)
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Judgmenl282/28 11:44AM
I think it's great how science continues to just prove that God exists. (Closed)
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Queen_Awakening292/28 11:37AM
Do I have a small bird? (Poll)Brandon3157742/28 11:36AM
Ted Kennedy let Mary-Jo Kopechne drown in a car accident 2 days before Apollo 11TheWorstPoster52/28 11:29AM
This 17 y/o Girl and Honour Roll Student convinced her friend to Kill Himself!!. (Poll)
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Full Throttle222/28 11:27AM
Favorite kind of poop when pooping (Poll)yourDaddie32/28 11:24AM
bought an Xbox one and only have madden 15 and cod aw.wackyteen92/28 11:01AM
What percentage of this board owns a Steam account? (Poll)
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EclairReturns142/28 10:58AM
Has war shaped human history more than anything else?
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Chef_Excellence242/28 10:53AM
Do you like Chrono Cross? (Poll)
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So I drew this little comic, tell me what you think of it:
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visiny132/28 10:28AM
Is anyone else tired of seeing zombies everywhere? (Poll)SKARDAVNELNATE32/28 10:24AM
ATTN: garbage postersgrumble_roar62/28 10:02AM
Rate this Villain Day 362 Jason Woodrue (Poll)scubasteve4262/28 9:31AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 364 Atom (Poll)scubasteve4262/28 9:30AM
so, what famous actor dies next?
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Da-PollGuy54222/28 8:57AM
Did I just stumble upon a toothbrush fetish? Or... I don't even know...r7gerrabbit62/28 8:37AM