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I will leave this here for the hatersLemonDestroyer19/20 4:49PM
why do people act like cop killers are especially bad?
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LemonDestroyer219/20 4:29PM
I can't even make an account on Square Enix's site,Judgmenl29/20 4:09PM
English idionsicracies
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Yuffie360119/20 3:57PM
Are we allowed to link to liveleak videos?Metro249/20 3:56PM
TV shouldn't be allowed to show the U2 commercial.VioletZer049/20 3:55PM
I'm a good girl with a phat ass.
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DirtBasedSoap139/20 3:43PM
Should you compliment a girl that has lost a lot of weight?Chef_Excellence59/20 3:40PM
I'm not liking the way Hannah Graham case is lookingJunpeiclover99/20 3:30PM
What was the best Dragon Ball game in your opinion?
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VioletZer0119/20 3:29PM
hi i'm new
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Nade Duck179/20 3:27PM
I... I have a confession to make.
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Flutershy119/20 3:21PM
This Asian Girl is going to prison for 8 years for selling Guns to a Felon.Fair? (Poll)
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Full Throttle279/20 2:53PM
Streaming on twitch
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metalconkerrr129/20 2:51PM
Got some new anime! (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32649/20 2:37PM
F***ing love State College
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BNVshark123179/20 2:34PM
If ICOYAR posted a topic proving he had gotten a job and no longer got money...
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SkynyrdRocker199/20 2:23PM
I went out with my friend last night and I could have asked her outErik_P79/20 2:22PM
Just looked at my credit card statement and noticed that I was double-billed.WastelandCowboy89/20 2:06PM
So does PotD have a FFXIV Clan or some such.
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Judgmenl139/20 1:51PM