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Question, how easy is it to pay back ~10k worth of debt without a college degreeKrow_Incarnate98/24 7:17PM
HelloKanakiri98/24 7:07PM
I just listened to DMX for the first time.mgsfreak168868/24 7:05PM
Did you know that titanic wasnt actually supossed to rip in half?Viking_Mudcrap38/24 7:04PM
Patrick Stewart's ice bucket challenge
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Metro2158/24 6:50PM
I'm looking to marathon an internet series, what should I watch?Storrac38/24 6:50PM
About that girl.... It's not what you think!
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Flutershy288/24 6:46PM
Look at what ISIS is making Kids do! Masked child re-enact James Foley Killing (Poll)Full Throttle98/24 6:45PM
So, I had a 174, 205, and a 121
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Could I become PotD famous if...
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Has feminism actually ever harmed anyone?
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Chef_Excellence1228/24 6:26PM
Maine hermit jailed 7 months for 27 years of burglary. Was his sentence fair? (Poll)
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Far-Queue178/24 5:45PM
i still find it mildly awesome that i never got modded for talking about thishelIy68/24 5:36PM
Even IGN recognizes that The Simpsons hasn't been good since like 2000.
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raymanfan1248/24 5:14PM
PotD, I am sadAwesomeTurtwig78/24 5:14PM
I get mad when people confuse me with someone I find ugly.ASlaveObeys38/24 5:11PM
Why more of this nonsense with my DW DLC Sony?Nichtcrawler X98/24 4:52PM
Why dudes and chicks are so different?
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Lobomoon218/24 4:51PM
Just got my Wii U, just learned that Bayonetta 2 will be out later september...SteelFighter48/24 4:40PM
Just watched Death Proof and....Krow_Incarnate28/24 4:20PM