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So many people excited for The Witcher 3... Yet they haven't played 1 or 2...r7gerrabbit78/22 8:38PM
Just got Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate!
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TacoWhales398/22 8:30PM
I Think I Need To Blow Off Some SteamaDirtyShisno18/22 8:25PM
I just read on that there's now a Doctor Who porn parody.Final Fantasy238968/22 8:23PM
My girlfriend did the ice bucket challenge and it went viral
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TroutPaste678/22 8:10PM
My dentist is very attractive.pipebomb__sushi88/22 8:09PM
Shenti and adjl: An erotic fanfic
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SchmensWife588/22 8:05PM
attn: milleyd
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Nade Duck188/22 8:03PM
I'm every person you need to be
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CornishGhost128/22 7:59PM
This song is pretty much my whole love life.Dan042948/22 7:52PM
Gintama question: Why do people think Okita/Kagura like each other? *spoilers*Lazy_Narumi18/22 7:41PM
ATTN everone who thinks I bang my sister. (Closed)
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Ao_Ryuu54148/22 7:32PM
robin williams is getting a tribute NPC in WoWNade Duck38/22 7:26PM
I'm frustrated again.Judgmenl88/22 7:07PM
Started playing Dark Souls. It's pretty fun.
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FellWolf178/22 7:06PM
C/D Opinions can be wrong (Poll)
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Q_Sensei178/22 7:05PM
Putin shot the black kids in Missouri so we don't talk about his warfareTroutPaste28/22 7:03PM
DBZ KFC commercialOgurisama38/22 6:59PM
I'm watching two fish play street fighter and it's ****ing awesomemildare_el_rayo88/22 6:58PM
Why has another bank been added to my paypal account?quigonzel38/22 6:58PM