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My right arm aches as if I work out everyday, but I haven't worked out in monthsOmniImmortal611/21 10:37PM
Which mixer should I use? (Poll)Viking_Mudcrap511/21 10:32PM
Netflix recommendations!
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JosephDigital2511/21 10:21PM
I just beat Zelda 1 for the NES
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Dmess851611/21 10:16PM
Texas Bacon Patty MeltMechaKirby211/21 10:07PM
Talked with a real doctor today...N805711/21 10:02PM
Is it wrong to hit on someone you know has a boyfriend?
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Jvaas3611/21 10:00PM
Should I place 'I park like a dum-bass ' stickers on incorrectly parking cars? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link1311/21 9:57PM
For a split-second, I thought a new DOA: Extreme Beach Volleyball game wasFerarri619211/21 9:54PM
There's..... there's just so much to DO in Smash U.quigonzel311/21 9:52PM
We can't bust heads like we used to, but we have our ways.
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Kanakiri1411/21 9:50PM
calling it now, the xbox version of today's poll will get an f.
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IceDragon772111/21 9:40PM
My early 23andme results are in. Kind of interesting. Yay genetics.
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Doctor Foxx1511/21 9:17PM
So I donated to this place to make myself feel goodJoanOfArcade211/21 9:01PM
nostalgiahelIy211/21 8:43PM
Does anyone have a picture of Ziggi so I can draw him? (Closed)DumbGimmickName811/21 8:41PM
Why would anybody kill themselves by moving a flag to the opposite side?WhatPoll811/21 8:02PM
If Genghis can't do it, nobody khanSt_Kevin311/21 7:59PM
na'mean and y'all'd'veeating4fun111/21 7:58PM
Anyone else get prank calls from people claiming to be the IRS?Zareth511/21 7:55PM