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i feel as if youtubes layout changed again.helIy17/29 1:55PM
YouTube videos going black for a split-second from at 5 seconds. Why?SkynyrdRocker107/29 1:50PM
when are hvd player coming to the mass consumers?ernieforss57/29 1:43PM
People paranoid about online privacy annoy meVenomX18107/29 1:21PM
Saw a boob irl today.
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SuperBetaBoy227/29 1:15PM
Attn arcthelard
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Viking_Mudcrap117/29 12:56PM
I can now finally do 1 armed pull upsyourDaddie87/29 12:54PM
why does defiance need to install
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helIy177/29 12:53PM
I'm doing nothing right now.Lokarin27/29 12:51PM
Some of the best advice ever comming from a Dota forum
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Judgmenl187/29 12:26PM
It's time to find a new job, all thanks to managementErik_P87/29 12:09PM
I loled xDSt_Kevin17/29 11:54AM
Link! Monster Hunter 4!
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ObligatoryFate147/29 11:53AM
Why is the Vita not being successful like the PSP? (Poll)
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yourDaddie317/29 11:49AM
GameStop to roll out a credit card with a really high interest rate (26.99%)
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pipebomb_phil217/29 11:46AM
This 28 y/o man strangled his friend to death and dismembered her..But.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle167/29 11:36AM
If you think PotD has lots of terrible gimmick accounts, then go to SSBU-board.LeetCheet87/29 11:25AM
I hate listening/feeling my own heart-beat.ZiggiStardust57/29 11:24AM
Has anyone ever actually turned off the console while saving?
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N30Chaos687257/29 11:19AM
I think I just created my own life hack.IceDragon7757/29 11:16AM