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I ran out of valium so I got into the nyquil. (Closed)zpoopinthe3rd33/22 7:25PM
I'm at a country music festival...
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Solid Sonic113/22 7:21PM
I feel like I just saw the future. It wasn't anything special thoughBNVshark12323/22 7:13PM
Do you consider these women to be "average looking?"
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Shanty_Irishman183/22 7:08PM
Poop...JoanOfArcade43/22 7:08PM
PS4 ($399) #14, XBOX 1 AC/MCC Bundle ($349) #43 on Amazon..What does it tell u? (Poll)Full Throttle43/22 7:00PM
Anyone else not like taking a shower at night?
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darcandkharg31163/22 6:58PM
Barry! Where's... Barry?!ShinChuck33/22 6:52PM
N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-Nintendo'dDmess8583/22 6:43PM
How often do you sell your games?
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EclairReturns213/22 6:39PM
that pokemon shuffle game is actually pretty fungreen dragon73/22 6:33PM
how long have electronics been being made in mexico?Zikten53/22 6:31PM
I decided to get Homeworld Remastered today...papercup83/22 6:28PM
This 13 y/o Canadian Kid with Aspergers had NO ONE come to his Birthday Party!!. (Poll)
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Full Throttle233/22 6:19PM
I hear this guy is number two on Ohio's top ten most wanted list.BTB73/22 6:13PM
What did you accomplish today?
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EclairReturns313/22 5:53PM
Accidentally pressed "New Topic"TheWorstPoster33/22 5:52PM
I don't get how Maynard can sing while he's moving like he does.kratosdakota333/22 5:45PM
I used to work in the gaming arcade...RayKnight83/22 5:19PM
Why hasn't anybody made an alt imitating/parodying me yetJokePoster73/22 5:18PM