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I found these games and stuff that I thought I lost.Milleyd17/24 11:27AM
Damn it Louis.Bugmeat37/24 11:12AM
I just watched the Social Network.Kanakiri47/24 10:53AM
So, Destiny is pretty neat.
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Kanakiri317/24 10:50AM
I've made it to Vietnam... in spirit. >.>
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Arctic_Sunrise167/24 10:41AM
TIL the technical term for "skinny fat" is...
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ASlaveObeys177/24 10:21AM
Telling someone they can't be sad because others have it worse is like sayingPropetMuhammad37/24 10:21AM
Ugh I'm having fun.
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Judgmenl157/24 10:08AM
first person shooter games seem like a contradiction to me
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Retroxgamer0167/24 9:42AM
Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMIX Limited Edition announced! No artbook...A PIN!Storrac77/24 9:37AM
Why can't new Yoshi games be as good as Yoshi's Island(SNES)?
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Metal_Gear_Link337/24 9:28AM
if ive only seen...GGooDD17/24 8:54AM
Last of Us Remastered worth 55 Dollars if free Killzone, Shirt and Boxers?PropetMuhammad37/24 8:28AM
Is it normal for someone's topic to get deleted?
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DukeAndFriends167/24 8:13AM
For months, I've had doubts about Destiny... and now that I've played the beta..
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quigonzel117/24 8:07AM
Should gay people get their own month?
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My_Unit547/24 8:04AM
My Bluetooth headphones ran out of batteries and I have no charger
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Doctor Foxx127/24 8:03AM
This company keeps on trolling me.Judgmenl57/24 8:00AM
So im at my road test and im having a wtf momentJunpeiclover97/24 7:36AM
One of my FB friends posted a Rick Perry letter to Obama as his statusThunder_5427/24 7:26AM