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How do you cope with loneliness?
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Laffy444129/11 5:30PM
you know what paintball needs to spice it up?sonicbn19/11 5:24PM
Offer not boughthikaruai19/11 5:22PM
It's hilarious how people say Whitney Houston...TheAmorousTheAm59/11 5:17PM
Blizzard Customer Service Just Won Some Brownie Points With Me...JediMutant109/11 5:15PM
I turned 23 today. Rate my birthday swag.GameGuy77749/11 5:14PM
Big Brother Topic #101: Frankie needs to go!!Captain-Trips79/11 5:07PM
I'm going to eat this, PotD. Please pray for me.
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Sarcasthma139/11 5:05PM
Tomorrow is my last day of training before I start taking calls.slacker0315099/11 5:01PM
I don't understand how people don't misuse the "Special instructions" section...
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BNVshark123159/11 4:50PM
Hi PotD! How are you?
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JMP09 (M)329/11 4:32PM
Do you think YOUR outfits are limited by cold or hot weatherA_Loyal_Gamer39/11 4:25PM
Gonna go to the doctor. I am super scared.
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kratosdakota3419/11 4:12PM
Who has been better as a leader against terrorism (Poll)aznStaRBoY89/11 4:10PM
I can't stand how Argonians can turn into werewolves in Skyrim.plasma_kirby12369/11 4:08PM
Mojang selling out to M$ is pretty bad but not nearly as bad as cancelling 0x10cVioletZer099/11 4:04PM
who is your flat chested waifu?mayu78019/11 4:02PM
Why does the Playstation, Xbox, and Wii U controllers all have X buttons
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WhatPoll149/11 3:58PM
Just ran to my fraternity house to my own house...
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BNVshark123159/11 3:48PM
Season 8 of Trailer Park Boys up on Netflix.zpoopinthe3rd99/11 3:44PM