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Wake up and see this, what do?FellWolf910/20 5:12PM
What are some horror stories people have confessing feelings for someone else?jamieyello3310/20 5:08PM
pharmaceutical companies are holding back cures
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Philoktetes1810/20 5:06PM
I don't really like porn.
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BBalla101810/20 5:01PM
I just beat Final Fantasy XIII! (Poll)
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This happened like 10 minutes away from my house...DirtBasedSoap610/20 4:45PM
ATTN: kimbo, helly, ziggi, megas, dirtbasedsoap. others.
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zpoopinthe3rd3010/20 4:43PM
Destiny, Tales of Xillia 2, Alien insolation teached me 7/10 games are stil goodyourDaddie410/20 4:41PM
The darkness in your heart. (Poll)
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chaosbowser1210/20 4:39PM
So I've been nearly suicidally depressed lately.
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Chef_Excellence1610/20 4:38PM
Thongs offend meKurowKefka610/20 4:29PM
Is it weird that I've thought about pretending that I smoke so that I can goKanakiri710/20 4:26PM
what's a good face wash for blackheadshumptyrump110/20 4:14PM
ITT: we right stories (Closed)Ao_Ryuu54610/20 4:10PM
That feel when you remember something embarrassing from years agoAwesomeTurtwig910/20 4:06PM
I promise total submission, in exchange for my protection...
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RJP_X1210/20 4:06PM
So I'm thinking into stunt skydiving, good idea POTD?Sirkukukingz5810/20 3:58PM
PikachuOgurisama610/20 3:52PM
Oh good, you're a wakeMordantHubris110/20 3:48PM
My professor doesn't like me because I'm too smart for his class...
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BNVshark1231110/20 3:43PM