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Joke Stealing vs. Song StealingHeyImAlex71/24 9:33AM
I was having some upset stomach, took Pepto Bismal - full on pain nowLokarin51/24 9:33AM
What do I do wrong?
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Muscles_420161/24 9:22AM
Have my summer plans. Summer grant on quantum tunneling research/condensedSirkukukingz511/24 8:35AM
I heard you guys like boobs, want to see some?
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DeltaBladeX281/24 8:33AM
which country do you first think of when you see the word "fat"
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mayu780361/24 8:33AM
If poop and chocolate swapped flavorsWhatPoll91/24 8:12AM
Are there any Rye cereals?Lokarin31/24 8:05AM
Why does a steak have more energy than a burger?
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AwesomeTurtwig191/24 7:53AM
Why has God stop communicating with man?
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Chef_Excellence321/24 7:53AM
I felt like buying myself a present today, so I got a yeti microphoneslacker0315051/24 7:51AM
Liquor Store Near Me Is Closing for Good...JediMutant71/24 6:55AM
That was an awesome dream.WastelandCowboy21/24 6:54AM
welp gg natureJudgmenl31/24 6:52AM
Tokyo Jungle, worth it?Vicaris51/24 6:41AM
i made a petition to capcom to remake RE2 and RE3 (or reboot the series)
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IAmNowGone121/24 6:04AM
Day two of drinking myself to sleep. This time on kraken while listening to REM
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Miroku_of_Nite1111/24 5:37AM
C/D Have you ever had the "contest" with your friends
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Ogurisama111/24 5:00AM
Okay, so like... what do people DO together?
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Kanakiri351/24 4:12AM
So, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is dead
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WhatPoll121/24 4:07AM