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So my vacation is going pretty ehhhJudgmenl111/28 2:14PM
Official Animal Crossing for the 3DS, FC Sharing Topic Part Seventeen!
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Melon_Master39411/28 2:12PM
It's Thanksgiving.. Everyone's here and my aunts drinking and hitting on me.
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Melon_Master5011/28 2:03PM
Do you find it hilarious when little kids get online and try to be all badass?KainReaver109811/28 1:59PM
How old do you think is the youngest American president-to-be? (Poll)
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KJ StErOiDs1311/28 1:53PM
I need to buy a cheesecake. I can't decide. Help me? (Poll)
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Bugmeat2211/28 1:51PM
Washington "Redskins" post extremely offensive twitter picture.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle2411/28 1:47PM
recommend me action games on steam where you can use katanas
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mayu7801811/28 1:45PM
anyone here read the current garfield comic books?NightMareBunny111/28 1:44PM
I wonder... is something wrong, developmentally, with Duckbear?
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BNVshark1231511/28 1:42PM
How do you think is the worst 'Breakout character'?HealthyLunatic311/28 1:37PM
It's Always Sunny: Who is your favorite team-up/dynamic etc? [Show spoilers] (Poll)saspa611/28 1:32PM
I keep getting this thing pop up saying I ran out of memoryMuscles_420711/28 1:14PM
papercup plays the entire Final Fantasy Series part 5
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papercup2911/28 1:13PM
The streets are pure ice. Driving feels like Vanilla Lake
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Doctor Foxx3911/28 1:09PM
Why is it in old games, you had a few minutes to complete a levelWhatPoll511/28 1:07PM
Why does it seem like people who don't make a lot of money are the worst at
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bachewychomp1511/28 12:57PM
What is the best stupid joke you guys can think of?
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Master Smuggler1111/28 12:51PM
Black Friday haul (so far)Raganork10811/28 12:48PM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 44 80's Hits 4 (final original Rocksmith poll) (Poll)
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AllstarSniper322411/28 12:45PM