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Humble Bundle 12
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DeltaBladeX219/13 6:06PM
why do dumb people still call all games nintendos, all blocks legos, al sodas...
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yourDaddie129/13 5:54PM
This Beautiful Teen Girl was Run down and Killed while filling her car with GasFull Throttle109/13 5:46PM
Dealt with a toxic personality today. Here's some things they said. Need opinionAC_Dragonfire69/13 5:43PM
I didn't know Gamestop finally stopped charging ridiculous amounts for XenobladeESP Samus59/13 5:13PM
I have such bad diarrhea
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grape_purple119/13 5:11PM
I moved to ChromeYuffie36029/13 5:08PM
i have no games
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helIy199/13 4:53PM
this stupid patrol on destiny.helIy69/13 4:51PM
this is gonna sounds racist but...sonicbn39/13 4:47PM
are there any good premium/collectors editions for RPG's this year?NightMareBunny19/13 4:42PM
I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out this GMG codeSullyTheStrange49/13 4:32PM
ScrewAttack Deathmach: are they Trolling?
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yourDaddie129/13 4:13PM
Why does Gamespot nitpicks and overanalizes games?yourDaddie69/13 4:12PM
I'm planning on making chicken soup tomorrowDeltaBladeX109/13 4:05PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 218 Sailor Jupiter (Poll)scubasteve42109/13 4:03PM
Getting more 3DS games tomorrow, finally going to need to delete some stuff D:
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DeltaBladeX149/13 4:03PM
I hate the American media
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mgsfreak1688189/13 4:03PM
Yeah. Super.
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keyblader1985199/13 4:02PM
Icoyar's Trying To Turn Me To The Dark Side!aDirtyShisno19/13 4:01PM