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Got to love life. (yup its a rant topic)
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hypnox1610/28 5:44AM
You know what? F*** frats
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BNVshark1233010/28 5:43AM
Currently eating McDonald's shrimp burgerESMWjot110/28 5:31AM
Remember when games could be developed in a year and be good?raymanfan1710/28 5:01AM
post a song and i rate it/10
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Lemur_Says1110/28 4:48AM
I love Poshul from Chrono Cross (Spoilers)
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papercup1810/28 4:42AM
A perfect example of just how destructive it is when the media is corrupt.
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VioletZer09210/28 4:22AM
wine *spoilers*HenryKissiger310/28 3:00AM
wario is a better role model for kids then MarioSHADOW0106710/28 2:51AM
I'm eating ice cream and brownies at 2:30 am.GanonsSpirit410/28 2:29AM
Occupation: Butt DoctorChef_Excellence610/28 2:16AM
Nintendo couldn't do 16-bit arcade graphics.knightoffire551010/28 1:42AM
We need more adventure movies like Indy, Mummy, Nat. Treasure, etc.Raganork10810/28 1:42AM
Sunset Overdrive is pretty fun so far.Xfma100910/28 1:29AM
Ive got roughy a 1"x1" square of free space i wanna get tattooed
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argonautweekynd2510/28 12:55AM
Just saw odd thomasyutterh410/28 12:28AM
Who was the PotDer that got modded
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Ultima_Dragoon1210/28 12:18AM
man why cant NPCs in RPGs ****ing help themselvesargonautweekynd810/28 12:18AM
So is it homosexual if one person's gender identity is female? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei2510/28 12:16AM
12 AM time to listen to some new music
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acesxhigh4510/27 11:51PM