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Working every weekday, with patients often quoting WebMD or Wikipedia is tiring
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lol walking dead is so racistFatalAccident79/23 3:16PM
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what game should i stream from my xbox one tonight? (Poll)NightMareBunny39/23 3:10PM
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Why was the first lords of shadow the only good one?!WaterImp29/23 3:09PM
let's all go out for some frosty chocolate milkshakesOgurisama19/23 3:02PM
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Critique the walking animation of my Pixel Character...
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pionear119/23 2:57PM
ATTN: Illinois PotDersLemonDestroyer19/23 2:53PM
almost halfway through the first book in MalazanSchmensWife39/23 2:46PM
Geek Eternal
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Entity132619/23 2:38PM
Destiny: First impressionsTheTropic_Sunset89/23 2:28PM
Are there any good gaming news websites/sources?brisashi69/23 2:24PM
I think I like the Destiny companion app more than the game itself.Far-Queue49/23 2:21PM
what if you could pop your teeth out and clean them without any pain?argonautweekynd99/23 2:21PM
REAL Poll of the Day - Trash Talking In-gameKOReldor29/23 2:20PM
you now dating a yandere girlfriend and a perfect girlfriend at the same time
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miczz149/23 2:15PM
Monday's TV shows need to be offloaded to other nights.
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should I get Dragon's Dogma?
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Botnus912279/23 2:11PM