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Started playing Dark Souls. It's pretty fun.FellWolf68/22 3:50PM
Stephen Bean Episode 5: No Time Left. (Birthday Edition)
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Kimbos_Egg1668/22 3:50PM
Games are too cheap right nowMetal_Gear_Link28/22 3:50PM
everytime I use Pandora at work, I just make a new fake account.
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Viking_Mudcrap158/22 3:48PM
Dishonored is free on Steam, bunch of PS3 games for $10 on PSN (list in topic)Far-Queue88/22 3:47PM
Sometimes I forget how badly social anxiety affects me.Lazy_Haar98/22 3:44PM
Post here if youtube has become your winampYuffie36038/22 3:42PM
Warner Brothers slammed for Fat-Shaming character in popular cartoon show!! (Poll)Full Throttle78/22 3:40PM
I kissed a girl today
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Mr_melodramatic228/22 3:39PM
I am now officially an Idol!MasterSword54648/22 3:35PM
More games to give away
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DeltaBladeX238/22 3:34PM
About to watch Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.Malleum78/22 3:34PM
Markiplier beats five nights at freddys with The A.I Maxed Out(Hardest)
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NightMareBunny208/22 3:34PM
This 16 y/o Kid is going to prison for 11 years for carving a Swastika on... (Poll)
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Full Throttle178/22 3:31PM
ITT: More evidence that Tim Buckley is a horse's ass.
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WastelandCowboy248/22 3:29PM
About to get my timetable for the next school year. (Closed)spealfan44478/22 3:29PM
Putin shot the black kids in Missouri so we don't talk about his warfareTroutPaste18/22 3:25PM
ALS ice bucket challenge a way of the US government trying to brainwash us agn?AC_Dragonfire68/22 3:24PM
The only good ALS ice bucket challenge
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Ultima_Dragoon248/22 3:24PM
My girlfriend did the ice bucket challenge and it went viral
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TroutPaste648/22 3:23PM