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Pick Your Poison: One Night In Silent Hill Or One Week Working At Freddys? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny118/22 9:41AM
it's kind og dumb to have a portable battery that takes 13 hours to chargehelIy98/22 9:31AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 197 Kratos (Poll)scubasteve4288/22 9:15AM
What colour do you associate with "Gloucester"? (Poll)
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FatalAccident288/22 8:59AM
John dies at the end (spoilers for the first 2 min. of the movie)SchmensWife48/22 8:54AM
PotD Gun Topic
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SIvIart_USMC988/22 8:37AM
anyone know of a Documentary about slavic countries/peoples history?Kimbos_Egg48/22 8:33AM
I have 50 dollars in gift card money on Amazon, what should I get...FellWolf18/22 8:06AM
Why dudes and chicks are so different?
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Lobomoon178/22 7:47AM
So how about that Korra finale *possible spoilers*?urmomishawt0418/22 7:46AM
Chinese Man dresses up as a Final Fantasy Character and proposes to his g/f... (Poll)
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Full Throttle198/22 7:43AM
Been working too hard lately. Can someone bring me up to speed about Zoe Quinn?
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VioletZer0528/22 7:41AM
Apparently feminism used to stand for being proud of being a woman...acesxhigh108/22 7:26AM
So how's your holiday 2014 game purchases looking?
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SageRamirez198/22 7:15AM
I am very irritated tonight.
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Judgmenl128/22 7:09AM
This ia really the end of summer.
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Mr_melodramatic178/22 7:02AM
Motorcycle rider crashes into the back of a car and safely flips onto the roof
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Solid Sonic138/22 6:07AM
Listen to these loops I made !!!Delicinq418/22 5:35AM
Woo hoo summer is almost over! :)Captain-Trips58/22 5:30AM
Assisted suicide opinions. *possibly offensive*
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IAmNowGone178/22 4:53AM