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Some guy said he was going to beat the **** out of me and called 911.
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Gamechamp3k187/20 7:57AM
I heard bad things about RE6
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AwesomeTurtwig127/20 7:51AM
what was the best Arc the lad game? (Poll)
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BlazeAndBlade127/20 7:23AM
ATTN: crinalex
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Zeeky_Bomb177/20 7:20AM
Bunnicula The Vampire Rabbit(82 Cartoon)NightMareBunny17/20 7:19AM
**** you mario.HellHole_37/20 7:12AM
Suggest Android games to me?CoolFangs77/20 7:12AM
f*** you ice cubeKnoxKorner17/20 7:04AM
So I found a local comic shop that has weekly hearthstone tournaments.bluPython17/20 6:55AM
Pocket Sand!Miroku_of_Nite147/20 6:46AM
what's the weather like right nowRyan-0667/20 6:41AM
I'm going to go ride rapids today.bluPython37/20 6:21AM
Anyone here read that new book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century"?TaintedSeraphim57/20 4:17AM
Post here and I will give you an Official PotD title.
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Viking_Mudcrap1097/20 4:04AM
Julius Cesar and 20,000 romans vs Cesar(POTA) amd 20,000 apes diferent species (Poll)
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kratospwnsnoobz197/20 2:42AM
who here likes cinema snob?NightMareBunny37/20 2:34AM
Traffic accident? Injured on the job? What are you waiting for?WastelandCowboy77/20 2:29AM
Is it possible to release endorphins at will? I feel my mom gave me something
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Sirkukukingz5157/20 2:14AM
Are these recent airplane disasters scaring you from going on Planes? (Poll)Full Throttle77/20 1:56AM
who is your favorite leader in Civilization 5Kingmichael133797/20 1:02AM