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when jerry springer says the person is outside the studio and hasnt heardcloelea65/5 10:17PM
This Florida Couple (20/40 y/o) face 15 YEARS for having Sex on the Beach!!.. (Poll)
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Thunderstorms in Phoenix right now!
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Jen0125295/5 10:15PM
This 23 y/o Girl had sex with a 15 y/o Kid and 2 DOGS!!.. (Poll)
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You ever known anyone who's name was spelled like a bad word?Dan042965/5 10:11PM
The privatization of things that should be nationalizedWadaTah75/5 10:10PM
Alberta General Election 2015 Topic
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faramir77165/5 10:10PM
Rosebud is... *Citizen Kane Spoilers*GanonsSpirit45/5 10:09PM
PotD Guild Wars 2 topic
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AllstarSniper322085/5 10:06PM
Heh. I was vote number 69.MasterSword54645/5 10:02PM
Most people don't want to be helped
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Chef_Excellence125/5 10:00PM
The whole selfie stick thing is really out of hand at national landmarks.brisashi25/5 9:58PM
Any game(s) you quit after losing/corrupting a save file?MechaKirby85/5 9:57PM
How much would you pay for a Ctrl + F function installed onto your brain? (Closed)EclairReturns95/5 9:55PM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 740 ~ Planet Earth (Poll)Slayer35/5 9:53PM
What's a masculine version of a feminine name?MrMelodramatic45/5 9:53PM
I hate when you take a medicine and it knocks you out.
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Jen0125135/5 9:51PM
Flames managed to push overtimeOgurisama35/5 9:49PM
Walmart REFUSES to write Gay on Cake for Teen asked by Straight Friend to Prom (Poll)
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Full Throttle125/5 9:45PM