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I love the .hack games so much.
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Milleyd237/28 12:18AM
well i just submitted a form to become a moderatordeoxxys107/28 12:17AM
What's in your wallet?
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WastelandCowboy287/28 12:16AM
I thought Wonder Woman was supposed to look strong?pipebomb_phil77/28 12:16AM
I need a funny feel-good short animeMario_VS_DK97/28 12:16AM
Just saw the season two finale of Orange is the New BlackBoogieonover37/28 12:16AM
My contract documents have been damaged by water, I have to send em back todayFatalAccident27/28 12:15AM
So my ex has been apologizing lately /rantfaqs
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Julia_Jules257/28 12:14AM
man... i dont want to go to work tomorrow.mayu78027/28 12:12AM
Favorite song from Teenage Dream? (Poll)VenomX1887/28 12:05AM
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mafia - Day 4 Is this over yet?
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OmegaTomHank2907/28 12:00AM
Do you believe in trypophobia? (No pics in the original post) (Poll)
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Mr_melodramatic127/28 12:00AM
I hate puns, what about you? (Poll)
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DrPrimemaster217/27 11:59PM
Rate this Villain Day 172 fire lord ozai (Poll)scubasteve4237/27 11:57PM
Have you ever nearly hit a pedestrian with your car?
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Metro2147/27 11:56PM
What did you think of Egoraptor's Ocarina of Time Sequelitis? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei287/27 11:47PM
Rate this Cartoon /10 - Day 495 - Huckleberry Hound (Poll)Slayer786137/27 11:40PM
lol my mom is better than me she would throw a party before me.ReggieBush0967/27 11:39PM
seafood?eating4fun67/27 11:31PM
would girls also be interested in men's boobs if men have boobsmayu78047/27 11:30PM