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Mormons are fighting Jehovah's witness in my neighborhood.Metal_Gear_Link109/16 8:34AM
If you see a semi friend on tinder and you swipe right...twa55639/16 8:32AM
Was J. F. Kennedy a mutant? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link59/16 8:28AM
What is everyone's STRICTLY single player game?
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SIvIart_USMC479/16 8:28AM
You can only listen to 1 song for the rest of your life.
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Link_AJ189/16 8:27AM
Best non-english viral song (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link99/16 8:27AM
The more I play of Destiny, the less I care for it...
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quigonzel449/16 8:00AM
dude mormons just came to my door
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Lootman139/16 7:57AM
Girl problems? Gold problems? Ask the Doctor!Doctor Foxx29/16 7:56AM
Should I buy iPad Air? (Poll)
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Lobomoon209/16 7:52AM
So my mother wants me to start working out...
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Judgmenl309/16 7:50AM
You find Miyamoto, Kojima, Schafer, Sakaguchi, Bleszinski, in your bathtubMetal_Gear_Link79/16 7:35AM
Stupid Chick-Fil-A.
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WastelandCowboy279/16 7:23AM
Playing through OoT remastered. Gotta say the new Mirror shield sucks.VioletZer049/16 7:17AM
WTF with that gamecube poll a few days agoMarioBrons109/16 7:06AM
Final Scene of Star Wars Ep. IV without music (spoilers)SunWuKung42029/16 6:55AM
I just beat bubble trouble 2lnteger19/16 6:54AM
Oh damn, I had no idea, but Scotland is voting for its independence on the 18th
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AwesomeTurtwig399/16 6:52AM
Do you have dogs
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AmeliaJane16319/16 6:40AM
I love babiesYuffie36039/16 6:33AM