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Well, organ-boy who wanted to give me money to do things to me flaked out.
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Thunder_54307/24 11:38AM
2 planes have crashed in the last 2 daysErik_P57/24 11:36AM
i'd want a chromebook if it was more than an online-only laptop.helIy107/24 11:34AM
Just encountered the grossest-looking boss I've seen in a while (Dark Souls)
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Metalsonic66317/24 11:33AM
Attn: Milley, what the hell does TIA stand for?
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Raganork10137/24 11:32AM
i built a thing in minecraft, come lookhelIy87/24 11:31AM
Let's binge-watch Agent's of SHIELD! (Possible spoilers)
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Captain-Trips127/24 11:31AM
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mafia - Day 4 Is this over yet?
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OmegaTomHank2437/24 11:30AM
I found these games and stuff that I thought I lost.Milleyd17/24 11:27AM
ive decided im going to start learning koreanOgurisama87/24 11:26AM
I'm watching Hannibal, Fargo, Penny Dreadful, and Ray DonovanASlaveObeys47/24 11:15AM
Damn it Louis.Bugmeat37/24 11:12AM
Here's a weird video game retelling/"fanfic" that I wrote back in 2007.Milleyd37/24 10:57AM
Does anyone have that K gif?SkaFrost8967/24 10:55AM
I just watched the Social Network.Kanakiri47/24 10:53AM
Heroes season 2 is a lot cheesier than season 1.supergamer1917/24 10:53AM
Hello, Moe's Tavern (Poll)Leo0820107/24 10:51AM
The Legend of Korra being taken of the air.
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Storrac517/24 10:51AM
So, Destiny is pretty neat.
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Kanakiri317/24 10:50AM
I'm an idiot, but Amazon reimbursed me anyways.Dynalo17/24 10:44AM