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Joke in Scott Pilgrim I have never got it's in the comics as well I thinkJoanOfArcade210/25 10:22PM
So idk if this has gone around here, but don't buy Harvest Moon games anymore.
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Kanakiri1710/25 10:22PM
This is what happens when people at a zoo don't do their jobs.
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Dan04291410/25 10:21PM
Which will be remade first of these games. (Poll)BigOlePappy910/25 10:21PM
Guy on reality TV with girlfriend wont ride a gondola with a guy because its gayCiIantro410/25 10:19PM
sometimes i get bummed out how rarely i retain song lyrics.argonautweekynd210/25 10:19PM
Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus has the best Vita menu icon ever.
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VioletZer03010/25 10:18PM
We write a story about Nade, Chaos, and Shark's relations three words at a time.
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Xfma1001410/25 10:18PM
I am tired of the internet bullying others who marry body pillows or something..
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VioletZer017910/25 10:17PM
Gamechamp's Incredible 24 Hour Extra Life Stream Topic! Twitching NOW!Gamechamp3k310/25 10:14PM
I just beat Costume Quest for the first timeAwesomeTurtwig410/25 10:14PM
Rate this cartoon /10 | Day 575 | Freakazoid! (Poll)Slayer7861310/25 10:13PM
i think chaosbowser wants to have relations with me
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Nade Duck2110/25 10:13PM
How was your first kiss?
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Ao_Ryuu542310/25 10:11PM
oh lawdy, s*** just went down in homestuck
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Nade Duck1510/25 10:07PM
This permanently settles the chicken or egg questionWhatPoll110/25 10:05PM
C/D: Breaking up with someone via text message is legitimateLemur_Says1010/25 10:03PM
Is "love" strictly a biological response? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei1310/25 10:01PM
Anyone else getting more casual as they get older?VioletZer0810/25 9:59PM
Do you wear a seat belt when you're in a car? (Poll)
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Mr_melodramatic1810/25 9:54PM