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Canada is deploying troops to Iraq today. There was/is a shooter in Ottawa nowDoctor Foxx710/22 9:08AM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 39 The Cure (Poll)AllstarSniper32510/22 9:08AM
Why aren't more wide receivers recruited to be built like Megatron?
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BigOlePappy1610/22 9:08AM
*looks at results of today's Poll of the Day*
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Kysafen2110/22 9:05AM
why do some guys have the hots for fat girls?
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NightMareBunny3510/22 8:56AM
No new South Park this weekdeadpigs101310/22 8:54AM
I think people underestimate how lonely I am, and how few people I know.
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Judgmenl2610/22 8:54AM
Someone at my school was murderedS_Fox810/22 8:53AM
After 6 years of taking courses I have learned one thing to be truedeadpigs101110/22 8:52AM
These internet people hating on Bayonetta 2 are so edgy...shipwreckers710/22 8:51AM
Tried to draw my cat. Drawing black cats is hard.
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Doctor Foxx1810/22 8:47AM
What's the deal with the movie Hocus Pocus?
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rexcrk1210/22 8:45AM
Lock down at Canadian parliamentOgurisama110/22 8:42AM
I'm tired of the internet bullying others who mock people who marry body pillows
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MordantHubris2810/22 8:41AM
WTH? pro gamer dies during tournament! Donations then flood in. Now $9000
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BushidoEffect31310/22 8:31AM
If the current size trend for phones keeps on...
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BNVshark1231110/22 8:28AM
Has The Walking Dead become any better?
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Link_AJ2110/22 8:28AM
Guy goea on killing spree b/C of childhood sexual abuse.pionear410/22 8:26AM
Do you like Tuna?
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BigOlePappy3010/22 8:25AM
in luigis mansion, are the ghosts
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helIy1510/22 8:14AM