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If you use drive thru at fast food, don't ask us to dispose of your garbage.
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deadpigs101324/21 8:48AM
Should we remove Andrew Jackson from the $ 20 bill? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link74/21 8:46AM
thank god 4/20 is overZiggiStardust94/21 8:44AM
So... How can I - an Asian (Viet) man - date Scandinavian women?KainReaver10944/21 8:43AM
Japanese TV is like Japan has beaten television long ago
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Vicaris174/21 8:42AM
You can remove one letter of the alphabet. What do you remove and why?
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McSame_as_Bush294/21 8:40AM
Do you recall this old DOS? gamedeadpigs10174/21 8:40AM
Stuff you bought online because youre too embarrassed to go to a store to buy it
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miczz114/21 8:37AM
whatever happened to those Willy Wonka bars?JanwayDaahl54/21 8:36AM
Bob's burgers to become ongoing comic bookNightMareBunny34/21 8:34AM
Is *anyone* upset with Ben Affleck for having slave-owning ancestors?
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Truth_Decay484/21 8:27AM
John Stamos officially announces Full House spin-off "Fuller House".
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Storrac204/21 8:27AM
Royal Rumble Day 1: Super powered heroes (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link44/21 8:22AM
Why Americans never call mixed race peole mixed?Metal_Gear_Link24/21 8:17AM
Why do people think God is infallible?Blighboy94/21 8:13AM
Death battwe day 14: Assassin battle royale (Poll)jedirood34/21 8:08AM
The follow-up to my 9 hour first date is this weekend. Which table should I buy?
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SunWuKung420124/21 8:02AM
Haven't had a hair cut in nearly 2 years. Thinking about going super short.
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Doctor Foxx554/21 7:56AM
Beat Bloodborne finally. Got the "normal" ending. *spoilers*
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Dynalo154/21 7:52AM
what is it with fedora wearers
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acesxhigh144/21 7:49AM