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why the f*** didn't anyone tell me about this?!ThePollGuy54812/21 6:33PM
Chimpanzees break free from a lab a midst a global pandemic and it's up to aaHappySacka1012/21 6:22PM
North Korea threatens to Blow up the White House over Sony film The Interview!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1612/21 6:10PM
Where did the refresh button on my phone's browser go?papercup212/21 6:09PM
"Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?"VioletZer0712/21 5:50PM
things Avatar the last airbender taught usThePollGuy54312/21 5:44PM
What is wrong with people lately?
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Fastest_Spartan1312/21 5:44PM
haven't done any christmas shopping yet....anyone else?
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NightMareBunny1212/21 5:38PM
Waiting for FF13-2 to unpack: First Impressions Run! *spoilers*
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Lokarin2412/21 5:37PM
I just watched "Knights of Badassdom" on Netflix.SunWuKung420212/21 5:36PM
my friend thinks i have a crush on princess peach and says it's kinda weird
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Nade Duck3212/21 5:28PM
I dunno what to make for a new D&D 5th Edition character. (Poll)
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IceDragon771112/21 5:27PM
Trivia Crack is the best new app around >.<
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Captain-Trips1112/21 5:22PM
i think aireen wants the dhelIy812/21 5:19PM
lol DespondentDeityJoanOfArcade112/21 5:18PM
Wow! Fist of the North Star is incredibly violent.Dmess85512/21 5:17PM
McDonalds is downsizing their menu
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deadpigs10112112/21 5:11PM
Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat, it's weird but good if you like sweet beers. (Closed)DespondentDeity812/21 5:10PM
If you had a chance to ruin someone financially with bad advice would you do it?
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Solid Sonic1712/21 4:53PM
Free energy exist!NeoSioType312/21 4:52PM