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Do you want to eventually have kids?
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only watch this if you're braveMr_Sockyman110/31 4:21PM
why is fishing much more socially accepted that hunting? (Poll)
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yourDaddie2710/31 4:20PM
Look at what this Chinese Girl did to her husband on their Wedding Day!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle2510/31 4:02PM
VioletZer0 told me one time that she would let me smell her hair if we ever met
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bachewychomp3510/31 3:51PM
Why can't you say you are proud to be white even when whites are minority
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yourDaddie4110/31 3:44PM
I hope no kids ring our bell...
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ArctheLad131310/31 3:40PM
Well, PotD, This is Gonna be a Long Weekend... (Closed)JediMutant1010/31 3:39PM
Stephen Bean topic Series 2, Episode 1. All that Remains.
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Kimbos_Egg11410/31 3:34PM
Anyone down for a little bit of SMASH?green dragon410/31 3:30PM
the teen titans go halloween special is kind of adorableNade Duck210/31 3:27PM
My girlfriend and I went to a halloween party dressed as Ryu and Chun Li
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wario is a better role model for kids then MarioSHADOW0106810/31 3:18PM
its Halloween, lets play some Left 4 dead 2sonicbn310/31 3:16PM
why do women complain so much about being called fatyourDaddie110/31 3:14PM
I'm gonna go back to Chrome at home.Judgmenl410/31 3:10PM
Is Entity Online Right Now? (Closed)JediMutant710/31 3:00PM
feel free to completely let your guard down itt topic nothing scary at all:DSHADOW0106110/31 2:58PM
What are good/cheap places on the internet to get custom stickers made?BigOlePappy210/31 2:49PM
So Rowling has released a Professor Umbridge backstory.raymanfan1610/31 2:32PM