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Has anyone ever used Vivid Seats to buy tickets?Erik_P25/4 6:06PM
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Have you ever had to poop in an awkward situation? (Poll)
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The typical Vita owner's room.
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Zareth285/4 5:54PM
What would you call a sword in between a shortsword and a longsword lengthwise?
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Zareth305/4 5:53PM
Didn't gamefaqs used to have an option to make links clickable?
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ArtistScientist135/4 5:50PM
What does PotD feel about stretch marks on women's breasts?
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CarefreeDude685/4 5:49PM
My doggy is really old - but quite healthy
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Lokarin225/4 5:41PM
ITT: You are Akinator (Movie) - Prize to be won
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RayKnight405/4 5:38PM
New Contest: Guess what are the 2 games I boughtRayKnight95/4 5:38PM
Don't you just hate it when people put "phobia" at the end of words.Lobomoon65/4 5:37PM
Talking with someone on a random chat site.Ogurisama85/4 5:36PM
Went on a drive-a-bout in my state yesterday. Took a few nifty pictures.
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brisashi125/4 5:23PM
Do you know who Mike Jones is? (Poll)
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Action53285/4 5:21PM
What could possibly go wrong there...Lobomoon65/4 5:19PM
A Dethklok 3-pack came out for Rocksmith today (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32115/4 5:04PM
All this energy calling me, back where it comes from...keyblader198535/4 4:52PM