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There should be a humble crowd funded like thing for regular people like us. (Poll)DaltonM612/15 11:06PM
Felina > Ozymandius
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Captain-Trips3312/15 10:57PM
Why is IKEA s*** so hard to put together?
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Jen01252412/15 10:16PM
would a world ruled by eggman be so badSHADOW0106912/15 10:01PM
Best TV Show from these? (Poll)
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Slayer78611112/15 9:51PM
I can't play games anymoreJoanOfArcade712/15 9:21PM
This is the 34 y/o who died wrestling the Gun from the Sydney ISIS Terrorist.... (Poll)Full Throttle312/15 9:10PM
PotD Rate a Game - Game 773 - Panzer Dragoon II (Saturn)
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DeltaBladeX1112/15 8:30PM
Are you guys enjoying the weather?
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DeltaBladeX1112/15 8:30PM
Okay really, who the f*** actually likes those cookies with
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DirtBasedSoap1712/15 8:29PM
this is the most accurate description of gamesThePollGuy54812/15 7:56PM
if your trying to get someones attention and you don't know there name is itSHADOW0106212/15 7:54PM
I think the new ERB is one of my favorites nowJoanOfArcade212/15 7:54PM
I saw battle of the five armiesMr_Sockyman112/15 7:44PM
Cat / Chat 1: Feline discussion and appreciation topic. Meow are you doing?
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Doctor Foxx7112/15 7:43PM
Bayonetta 2's cold open is greatLokarin112/15 7:37PM
I just watched Tien vs Yamcha in Dragon Ball <spoilers>
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Judgmenl1412/15 7:37PM
Don't tango with Bravo Team, the baddest team around.MordantHubris712/15 7:23PM
"Login to unsubscribe from our email newsletter"Metro2112/15 7:22PM
Will you be Having Christmas or Skipping Christmas on December 25th?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle1212/15 7:00PM