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Which presidential candidate would you be less likely to vote Ver. 2.0 (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link68/17 2:38AM
the way some of you act about me, you'd think in a past life we knew each otherNade Duck88/17 1:45AM
China sure has had a history of being bullied.
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ImmortalityV168/17 1:08AM
Best Lays Vote Flavor Chip? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny168/17 12:53AM
Those in relationships: How did you meet your s/o?
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rottenmonk238/17 12:36AM
For some reason, Watch Dogs is actually still coming to Wii U.raymanfan118/17 12:34AM
Popsicles: yay or nay? (Poll)
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Captain-Trips168/17 12:32AM
So now that I don't really drink, I found out how much I truly hate clubs.Dynalo98/17 12:31AM
Most serial killers are just mafia fall guys imo.
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ImmortalityV138/17 12:18AM
My opinion on the Lays Canada do us a flavour chips.spealfan444108/17 12:11AM
i find this video to be extremely upsetting (Poll)Nade Duck38/17 12:08AM
star wars the force unleashed is a terribly unfun game
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HellHole_278/17 12:04AM
Pastafarian fights for right to wear religious headgear in driver license photo
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Metro2878/16 11:57PM
I'm at a whole other level of self awarenessLemonDestroyer58/16 11:50PM
POTD was I hallucinating? I met a figure inside my house when I was youngSirkukukingz558/16 11:15PM
favorite porn comment of the dayDazed268418/16 11:10PM
hmm. gamefaqs is loading ads for me again.helIy38/16 10:49PM
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aDirtyShisno118/16 10:43PM
Favorite movie...FFReveirg28/16 10:31PM
A pirate I was meant to be!WastelandCowboy38/16 10:15PM