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Would you rather go without your car or your mobile? (Poll)Lokarin712/28 6:21PM
I was stopped by a cop in a different state for speeding
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Erik_P2012/28 6:21PM
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anyone else feel normal on video games is too easy?TwyliteSprinkle912/28 6:20PM
You literally have to be in the top 5% best looking males on the entire planet
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chollima1412/28 6:20PM
I like to return my redbox movies at a different location than where I rent themAction53312/28 6:20PM
Another White Guy outed as Lizard Squad Member who took down PSN/XBOX Live!!! (Poll)Full Throttle712/28 6:17PM
Waited to buy the Little Mac Amiibo and now they're sold out everywhere near by
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Melon_Master6112/28 6:15PM
I just had to throw away an entire pot of soupBNVshark123312/28 6:15PM
I've finished quite a few shows lately.supergamer19612/28 6:14PM
IYO, Is faking one's confidence beneficial?KainReaver109212/28 6:14PM
Sports Discussion Topic #107: Hooray for Sports... They Rule!!!
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STLCards19918212/28 6:13PM
Do you think the answers on AMAs are truthful? (Poll)knightoffire55112/28 6:08PM
I can't take Dark Souls anymore
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AwesomeTurtwig10212/28 6:07PM
A good game with lot's of jigglies in it?Raw_Egg712/28 6:07PM
Are you getting a Christmas Present that is worth $500 or more this year (2014)? (Poll)
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Full Throttle1712/28 6:06PM
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Rate that tv show - day 630 - Man vs Wild (Poll)Slayer7861312/28 6:05PM
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