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I've gotten sick of Tactics. I've reached Chapter 4, and I have to grind a lot. (Poll)
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EclairReturns234/30 12:51PM
Should Jen or Turtwig be my BFF? (Poll)Lokarin14/30 12:48PM
Recommend me albums and I'll listen to them and Rank them
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madadude1934/30 12:44PM
Queen Shirinmetalconkerrr24/30 12:40PM
Do you want any niche games to be more popular?InfestedAdam84/30 12:21PM
My dog likes to sneak up and quickly lick inside people's mouths unexpectedly.brisashi74/30 12:10PM
I hope the Batman stand alone movie is based off Under the Red Hood
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Muscles174/30 12:05PM
Homemade tacos made w/ old el paso seasoning arent that greatrgonautweekend24/30 12:03PM
Coca-Cola should totally bring this soda back, for hipsters
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TheWorstPoster144/30 11:53AM
ive been working out the last couple weeksDirtBasedSoap24/30 11:51AM
This comic bugs me.VioletZer064/30 11:41AM
what's the point of the oriole's playing today without any fans?!
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NightMareBunny344/30 11:39AM
I had someone ask me today if walmart carried GBA link cablesJoanOfArcade64/30 11:37AM
Should I grab Gat Out of Hell for $13?Judgmenl64/30 11:36AM
You are driving.
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TheWorstPoster214/30 11:33AM
Wow William Hung released three albums and actually sold 242,000 copiesFar-Queue84/30 11:03AM
This 19 y/o Dad Raped a 15 y/o Girl and then asked her for GAS Money!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle364/30 11:00AM
Britney AguileraHenryKissiger14/30 10:55AM
A friendly reminder that the FFV Four Job Fiesta begins in a month.Dynalo54/30 10:48AM
Why don't they make any fullscreen HDTVs?
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Alphrin144/30 10:24AM