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I wish kinder eggs were legal
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Hm64 007259/12 7:07AM
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Happiness or Stability? What's more important? (Poll)
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what makes all girls wet?
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Ogurisama179/12 6:08AM
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Is icoyar the most disliked poster on this board?
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HarveyMilk409/12 5:56AM
Nigel Farage always looks like he's farting when he smiles.Seabutcher19/12 5:06AM
so what system has the most good games on it?
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humptyrump189/12 4:56AM
so I saw this thus in my wall (not a spider)
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HellHole_149/12 4:54AM
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C/D There were open-world games last gen that were better than Rockstar's output (Poll)
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raymanfan1229/12 1:34AM
I miss good Sonic games
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AwesomeTurtwig259/12 1:27AM
Samsung includes great music in their phones and tablets.Metro219/12 1:25AM